Surf Works was founded in April 2010 by Chris Parkes. Chris discovered a requirement in the local area for a reliable and hard working company to provide design and print management services. Since then Surf Works has continued to grow and has now supplied work for large international corporations and even for the London Olympics.

Surf Works also grew in ability and began to supply websites and PR services such as social media management. This was accelerated when SurfTrack was founded in 2011.

Chris Parkes

Managing Director - SurfWorks Ltd

Before starting Surf Works, Chris has worked as a sales professional in the automotive and marketing sectors. With many years' experience in gaining new business, Chris was perfectly placed to begin a successful company that can help and assist others with their new business growth.

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Josh Bruce

Chief Technological Officer

Josh's background is in technology, from a young age Josh has worked on IT projects in many formats, from PHP to Objective-C. Josh is responsible for the development of SurfTrack, Web and App development.

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Jenny Swiggs

Project Manager - Surf Works Ltd

Jenny joins the team with a wealth of knowledge... in turtles! She has spent the last 6 years abroad studying all forms of sea turtles and how they live. Jenny has returned to the country with a Masters in Biology and a great tan! Due to the lack of oceans and turtles in the midlands she is working with us part time, assisting with admin and learning the ropes with regards to graphic and web design.

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Matthew Parsons

Managing Director - Surf TechIT Ltd

Before starting Surf Tech IT, Matthew has been working in IT industry for 12 Years and is Microsoft & Apple Certified. It's been Matthew's ambition to start a business that offers prestigious services to customers, only offering the very best advice. He's knowledgeable in all areas of IT and various industries.

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